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Food Metal Detector In Indonesia

Indonesia is one important market of Hengxin Machinery, every year, a number of Hengxin food metal detector machines,falling type metal separator and food metal detector Line are transported to Indonesia. Our workers in oversea office workers of Indonesia have helped great many customers solve their problems and build the perfect processing line.

Customer's Background:
The year before last year, one customer from Bandung, Indonesia got in touch with our head office in China. He produced spices, and his major commodities were pepper, nutmeg, vanilla, cinnamon, cloves, turmeric and ginger. In the production of spices, metal impurities are inevitable. He planned to conduct metal impurity detection in the production and packaging. He required detecting metals with 2mm diameter in spices.

Case Solution: when we got the customer's demands, we arranged our workers in Indonesia connect with the customer and visit the customer. After we had known all the details, we suggested him to install our piping type metal detector machine directly at the end of the pipe orifice that produced spices powder. Metal impurities would flow out and the rest would be directly conveyed to the next annual ring.
Now the customer has used the machines for one and a half year, the machines are running very well, and they only changed the wearing parts for once. To enlarge the scale, they plan to buy more. 

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